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Capital One Bank Portion Rd, Ronkonkoma

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+1 631-588-0203
131 Portion Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, United States
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2.9 stars based on 10 reviews

  • A

    Amy Harrington

    Recently I went to Capital One for a CD Business transaction. I was assisted by Paul and Joanna who were knowledgeable, persistent and efficient while working with the back office through the details. Thankfully Capital One has some pretty terrific employees at this location!

    Response from the owner

    This is fabulous to hear, Amy, and we're sure Paul and Joanna will be thrilled to hear it as well. With that in mind, we're making sure they see this. ^VS

  • L

    Lew Franklin

    They have closed 3 locations near me in Nesconset, NY and are closing other locations as well. Seems they only want to be an online bank. What reall blew my mind was this: I went into the bank in Lake Grove, NY to get a crisp $50 bill for my granddaughter. Waited over 15 minutes due to long line and few tellers. Gave the teller two 20’s and a 10 and asked for a fifty. She told me I had to give her my bank card and proof of identity in order to give me the fifty. REALLY? Told her and the manager how ridiculous this was and pointed out that the Chase bank nearby gave me a $100 bill for 10 10’s, nothing needed and I am not even a customer of that bank. Bank card and ID to get a 50 for 2 20’s and a 10? Absurd doesn’t even say it. I would not recommend this bank to anyone.

  • L

    Lou Digiorgio

    Customer service is horrible. They can not even follow directions on how you want to do your banking. A bank manager needs to be in place or something to satisfy the customers after all it is our money!

  • d

    d teng

    Best bank. No overdraft fees. Much better than td bank and bank of America!!!

  • M

    Michael Viola

    Horrible bank. Every day there's a line out the door. They claim they care about their customers safety, then close the 2 locations closest to ronkonkoma.. cramming everyone into one location during a pandemic. Understaffed and unable to keep up with their customers. The manager should be fired. If it wasn't such a pain to switch banks I would have done it already.

  • R

    Rabindra Sah

    Misleading offers: I kept on receiving emails from capital one for special offer where they were claiming to provide 0% APR for more than 2 year(don’t remeber the number) that’s the reason I applied for the card. I clicked the link from my email and I received card in like 20 days. I had 3k credit limit which is the lowest among all my CC. After using this for 2 months now today i see 58 $ interest eventhough i was paying minimum charge everymonth. I called in customer support and came to know that i have platinum card and it has no offers and so i have to payoff everything or they will charge me 19% interest every month. I paid off everything and threw the card in trash 🗑.

  • L

    LDA Rodriguez

    I went here last June 16, 2020, Gabby the bank teller was VERY helpful in assisting me with all my transactions, notwithstanding the COVID situation. Earlier that day, another bank employee (her name might be Rica, I forgot!) answered the phone very politely and told me I don't need an appointment and that all of them are trained to help me with my transactions. I'm so grateful to have found this helpful branch unlike the North Babylon Branch along Deer Park Road who employed VERY RUDE and UNTRAINED bank tellers.

  • A

    Angela Cusamano

    This is one of the worst banks out there. Unprofessional and absolutely no customer service at all! One of the tellers working the drive thru named KAREN on Friday night, 11/20/2020, approximately 5:30 pm, had the worst attitude problem I have ever experienced at this bank. She ridiculed me that I did not fill out the deposit slip correctly and proceeded to YELL at me because I used the wrong terminology for my type of bank transaction there that NO ONE else has ever had a problem with. KAREN is an incompetent, unprofessional, RUDE and demeaning character that needs to be fired from her position at this lame bank. Shame on you Capital One Bank for hiring personnel that have absolutely no customer service skills, professionalism or compassion for their fellow peers in this world. Your actions speak volumes! Yes, it is NOW time to pull all of my accounts out of this bank and be done with them once and for all!

  • B

    Beth Spierer

    Although the line was very long and people were complaining, I bet they stopped complaining once they got to work with Breanna. I don't think there are enough kind words to describe how wonderful Breanna was. She was so patient, knowledgeable, and was willing to make sure that the needs of the client were met. There is nothing "normal" right now. We all have feelings that we have never experienced so when someone assists and is extra kind, it makes a big difference. Breanna had excellent customer service skills and I would highly recommend working with her. I had to deal with a not so pleasant situation but she made things much better and less stressful. Thank you, Breanna.

  • J

    Just Sayin'

    This is the world's WORST bank! The STAFF here are condescending, rude, unknowledgeable and all of them have severe attitude problems. They should NOT be working at this bank or any other customer service establishment if they are not capable of dealing with people in a professional and friendly manner. Have had enough of dealing with this bank and the bottom feeders that work there now and will be emptying my accounts from Capital One and bringing them to another well-known local bank. Good riddance!

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