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(800) 634-2340
4 Winners Cir, Albany, NY 12205
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3.8 stars based on 10 reviews

  • D

    Daniel Stark

    I've been with Capcom FCU for almost 10 years, and I had been a happy customer. Now I have a debit card on the verge of expiration, when I contacted customer service over the phone I was told to go to a branch and I will get a new debit card issued on the spot. Upon reaching a branch I was told I cannot have a new debit card because of a chip shortage, and they treated me as if I was being unreasonable about losing access to my own money. This has already upset me, but only a few days later I was checking out at a grocery store and my debit card was declined. I called the support number and got an automated message stating "we are aware of an issue with debit and credit cards being declined at some merchants, there is nothing wrong with your debit card." Sure, nothing wrong. Except I can't use it to buy groceries. I loved this credit union and always recommended it to my friends. Now they've let me down when I needed them the most and they waved away my concerns multiple times. Once I make sure everyone is paid up I'm moving my money to a bank I can depend on.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Daniel, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. This is certainly not the type of service we pride ourselves on. If you are willing to share additional details, please email us at [email protected]

  • s

    susan schweigard

    We have been customers for decades. Using my card for a large purchase approx $3,800, two days ago, I was blocked. I understand checking on fraud is necessary, however in a matter of minutes I get a text from a fraud alert company to determine if it was me trying to make this purchase. CUSTOMER 101……do not respond to financial inquiries reaching out to the customer. So I call the credit union…..Winners Circle Albany NY. The first customer service person said I was all set. Nope. Called back again. The second customer service person said I have to call their Fraud Co to unblock. I ask if they can do it ASAP since the recipient of my attempted purchase is waiting. Nope. Asked to talk to a supervisor. She said it was in Visa’s hands. Their hands are tied, take it up with Visa. I call Visa. Nope they can’t do it. I have to call the Fraud Co. I call the Fraud Co and am on hold for 1 hour. When someone answers she speaks so fast I ask for her to repeat what she says. She repeats and I still do not understand her. Again. Third time I ask if she can speak more slowly. She hangs up. For a loyal customer of decades I am done with Cap Comm Fed Cr Union, Winners Circle, Albany, NY. My husband and I have other options. I completed the purchase using another card. The recipient of my purchase and I had a lengthy chat about lousy service from Cap Comm Fed Cr Union Albany NY and the lousy Fraud Co they have contracted with and the lousy disregard for longevity of their customers. Good riddance!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Susan, we're sorry to hear about this experience and will certainly be taking a look into what may have happened. Please email [email protected] to talk this through. Thank you.

  • M

    Mark Williams

    Ever since they announced the merger with SEFCU their customer service has rapidly gone downhill. I only see it getting worse, unfortunately. Member for 30 plus years, time to look at other banking options.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Mark, I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with the service you've been provided. If you're willing to share additional details, we would greatly appreciate it. Please email [email protected]

  • T

    Timothy Burgin

    Summery/TL:DR at the bottom. Been with Cap Com for around 10 years. Up until now I have not had any issue with them. Recently their systems have slowed down and their Bill Pay system is buggy and unclear. For most people (Or At least for me) "Send Money" Should mean that the money is being transferred, Right? Nope that means that the request to send money has been sent to a third party. The third party is not plainly visible on any section of the website. If/when a billpay fails you will not get an alert/notification but they will attempt to withdraw the funds 3 times. ($30 each time if it fails.) Summery/TL:DR Pros: Capcom themselves and their employees are helpful Has Online/Mobile Banking (Not sure if that is a pro or just a basic in this day and age) Cons: Uses third parties without disclosing that plainly and clearly. Third parties use deceptive/unclear language Alerts can take up to 2+ weeks to come in. (Just got an alert for Aug at time of posting 10/20/21) Phone system is a pain to work with -Having to press 2 every 1:30 min of being on hold when waiting to talk to someone -Static/Hard to hear -Takes around 4-6 min to get even to being on hold -Hold times can be upwards of 10 min So would I recommend Cap Com as a bank? Yes unless you want to have an online banking experience that is fast, clear and concise.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Timothy, we're sorry to hear about this experience and will certainly be taking a look into what may have happened. Please email [email protected] to talk this through. Thank you.

  • R

    R Matthews

    Truly disappointed. Will be moving my funds elsewhere. My check which I needed for car repairs have a 7 day hold. I pulled this money from my retirement savings so I can have my car fixed to go to work and take/pick up my daughters from school. Now I will be without my vehicle for days. Not only that but I was given two different reasons why my check is on hold. First time they said it was because I had a mobile deposited check that was returned. Second time they said it's because the check is over 4K($4200). The website policy says something different: "For deposits of other checks totaling in excess of $225.00 but less than $5,525.00, the first $225.00 of the deposit of other checks will be available on the day of your deposit. The remaining funds will be available on the 2nd business day after the day of your deposit". After a 3rd time calling, a manager said they needed to verify proof the check was was from my retirement company. Proof sent, funds still aren't available. It seems inquiries are not taken as seriously as the desire to hold on to my funds.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for providing this feedback. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about this further and see how we can help. We'll certainly be taking a look into what may have happened. Please email [email protected] to talk this through. Thank you.

  • S

    Sean Sheldon

    Worst phone experiences. They keep transferring you to the partner call center that can't do anything and then tell you to call your financial institution. Which you ARE ALREADY DOING! Just an endless loop. Every number is BS.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Sean, We're sorry to hear about this experience and will take a look into what may have happened.

  • L

    L.W. Irvine

    Been banking with them for ten years. Moved out of the area 2 years ago. Had to switch most of our banking to a more local financial institution. Accidentally paid two bills via EBT recently from the old account and they charged me $210 in overdraft fees and refused to reverse them. We had planned to keep the account, but I guess stealing from their customers via legal extortion is more important than keeping a customer.

    Response from the owner

    Good morning, If you are willing to provide additional details, we would like to look into this and see if we can help. Please email [email protected]

  • J

    Jasmin McPherson

    I was a new member for about a month. Planning to use them to take out a mortgage loan. Just when I was about to start to use them I discovered a hold was placed on my account. Confused I called the number. Turns out they weren't satisfied with me using my electricity bill as proof of residency. I remember when I first open the account. I sent them my lease. But that wasn't accepted for "reasons". So I sent them my w2 that wasn't accepted. So I sent electricity bill. No one got back to me so I assumed that was accepted it. Turns out it wasn't. Nonetheless the guy on the phone said that my account was all set. But I was still confused as to why no one contacted me before putting my account on hold. There was no warning or communication. If they are like this for proof of residency what are they like for a mortgage. I tried to talk to the guy on the phone. But he actually got upset. Claiming that the issue is resolved just move on and let it go. Never been spoke to by a bank associate like that. So I closed my account. Also I got shamed for having a low balance. I just opened the account and had yet to transfer funds. But none the less made the passing remark. Closed my account. I understand customer service is a tough job. And normally I would let this go. But I was planning on using capcom for a mortgage which is a long process. And I need to be able to have good relations with their members. I need a bank I can trust to communicate to me about an issues that may pop up. Based off of this experience I wouldn't recommend them if you actually plan on using this bank for any kind of financing. But there mobile banking was great.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Jasmin, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. This is certainly not the type of service CAP COM prides itself on. Please know we will review this to see what may have happened.

  • F


    I have had accounts with Cap Com for more than ten years, my adult daughters also opened accounts with them, and they have consistently been pleasant, helpful, understanding and professional. I've wondered if their management is harsh and leans heavy on them to always be this way, but they have all assured me that that is just the way they do business. I'm happy, they're happy, so it's a win win. Everyone I know who does business with them also feels the same way.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Frank, thank you for taking the time to leave this helpful review!

  • T

    Todd Moses

    I have been banking with Capcom since 1987 when they were only a small office in North Troy near Gardenway. They have always treated me with respect and they have always had my best interests in mind. I Highly recommend Capcom as a financial institution that you can trust for all your personal and business needs.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Todd, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review. We appreciate you!

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