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Buffalo Metropolitan FCU S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo

Federal credit union
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+1 716-847-6960
62 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday8:30AM–5:30PM

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3.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • C

    Cheronisi Graham

    Poor customer service amongst tellers and manager. Went there to make a deposit consisting of rolled coins and cash for my sons college fund. They were completely dismissive and stated they no longer take rolled coins. Instead they referred us to use coin machine which assesses a fee and would require us to unroll all the coins. As a member of 20 years. This was disheartening no alternatives were offered such as waiving fee they just took the rolled quarters since they “needed them” as an exception. This seems to be a branch preference versus a branch policy !

  • C

    Cynthia Stevens

    I would not recommend this credit union Money was stolen out of my account and from the secured credit card I once had there.I caught them red handed and instead of them refunding my money.They lied and coveted it up.It was an inside job involving more than one bank worker.From that few tellers to those that sit behind deskliars and thieves. Needles to say I closed out my accounts ASAP!!! I would NOT recommend this credit union Please always keep your last transaction slip if you have an account with them.They will reset your whole account in front of you if you don't have proof of your last transaction.They smile in your face and rip you off behind your back Please watch your Money closely if you are with this steal a tution bad service!! AGAIN I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CREDIT UNION!!!!!

  • D

    Danae Ajanae

    I’ve been with this bank for over 2.5 years. I haven’t started to have any issues up until this year. Having a debit card with them and utilizing it as your primary source of cash is a headache. Your card will be locked for any minor reason! Don’t let it be after Friday because you will be left without money until they are open again. They have card service for absolutely no reason. Every time my account is locked (for something stupid like a vending machine purchase) I am prompted to call debit card support, only for them to tell me I have to call credit union when they open. They are only open Monday-fri, not after 5pm and Saturday only until 1pm. I do plan on closing my account, as this has been one too many times of a situation. Then once you call credit union (when they finally open), they blame it on debit card support…makes absolutely no sense. Not to mention if you decide to go there in person, plan on waiting in a ridiculously long line whether you go inside or to the drive through.

  • W

    Wild Foxluv

    The Buffalo metropolitan credit union is a a good bank to be with. Very good bank.

  • L

    Luis Rodriguez

    My favorite credit card to use,, It has a low interest charge for people with good credit. Great loans. Very nice. Intelligent staff.

  • C

    Customer Service

    I have banked with them for 5 years and some how my bank card constantly gets compromised with them & nobody even notifies you or blocks your card if an unusual charge pops up. They need to provide cards with Card Valet. When I called to request a new card, the woman was very rude saying “Well why don’t you just dispute the fraud charges with amazon”. I had to let her know my issue wasn’t with amazon, it was with them as an institution. I literally opened another account, because leaving any kind of money in checking was way too risky. Save yourself the stress, Bank somewhere with more modern banking features!

  • D

    Denise Beyer

    I understand with covid 19 staff is not at full capacity, however you have 3 drive up teller windows and it seems like you one have 1 teller working all 3. Have gone several times and waited an hour in line, only transferring $ to pay a bill once transaction was takan.. Did not get tube back until another window got there's back. With no one allowed inside should not have to wait an hour in line.

  • M

    Mark Shanley

    Good services and helpful staff. Ten years I have been affiliated with them, no complaints. Loans credit cards and checking etc. never one problem.

  • S

    Sebastian Matos

    Great bank with the absolute worst drive thru atm. How does it have a deposit cash option but when I click it it cancels the entire transaction? Very inconvenient especially when members can only use their atm to deposit cash when their closed.

  • J

    Jessica Twining

    Disappointed in this credit union. They charge many extra fees including a monthly fee for debit card and will not accept coins for deposit, asking that use use their coin machine w/ a 5% fee to exchange to bills. Some staff are very friendly, but others have been curt and unhelpful. Overall, I would not recommend.

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