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Bethpage Federal Credit Union W Merrick Rd, Freeport

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+1 800-628-7070
210 W Merrick Rd, Freeport, NY 11520, United States
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3.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • C

    Caroline Ballentine

    So I have an update to this. I stuck with Bethpage mostly out of laziness and didn’t feel like changing info. Until about a month ago. I purchased plane tickets and attempted to buy the travel insurance. My flight purchase went through but not the additional charge for travel insurance, which I didn’t know until about a week later. This is because a charge for a subscription that’s usually automatic didn't go through. When I called to find out why , to my surprise I found out that the travel insurance purchase somehow flagged my account and they locked my debit card, and I was NEVER informed of this: no email, no phone call, no text. No contact whatsoever. I found this unacceptable and unforgivable. I opened a new account with a new bank that day, and closed my accounts with Bethpage. There is nothing that makes that okay. NOTHING. What kind of customer service is that? It’s a good thing I didn’t use that card too often, because everything would have been declined and I would have had no idea why. I’m over it. I've been increasingly frustrated with BFCU over the last year or so. Their ATMs don't work a LOT of the time. In some way or the other, you can't make deposits, you can't take money out, etc. My mother has been having trouble with Zelle, they keep changing the limits on how much she can send, so it's a surprise whenever she has to send someone money, only to find out that the full amount can't be sent. This is a problem with Bethpage, not Zelle. Lastly, they keep changing the way you can access the banking center at this location. One minute you have to go through the front on the Merrick Road side, then the next minute you have to go through the back entrance from the parking lot. Why? There's no need for this. I'm going to be looking for another credit union, because I shouldn't have to be this frustrated to deposit or access my money.

  • N

    Nat Pepitone

    I visited this branch in December 2020 and I was treated very rudely by the security guard there. Apparently, the capacity for the branch was full and the guard barked orders at me and several others to leave immediately. I was forced to wait outside the branch where snow and ice crashed down on me from the roof top of the branch. I found the whole experience very dis-organized and unpleasant. If it wasn't for many years of good service by the bank, I'd bring my business elsewhere.

  • H

    Happy girl

    This is one of the worst branches. I try to avoid this one. The staff is quite rude, and the pace at which they do your transaction is comparable to watching paint dry. The staff is extremely unprofessional, and unhelpful.

  • J

    June Stoyer

    They give you a hard time about transactions for their "sister branches". You cannot use the drive-thru for anything if this is the case. There is very little parking. The lines here are very long but there are a few tellers that are friendly. Bethpage, in general is not a friendly bank. This is primarily why I would not bank with them. On a side note, I think their ads are amusing. All of the women appear casual and approachable but the men always are in suits with their hands in their pockets.

  • E

    Erl The Pearl

    I joined this bank not because it's 3 blocks from my house because there are 2 other banks 2 blocks away that were there first. I joined it because of what a credit union represents. But honestly, I thought I was exaggerating when I started feeling that the service SUCKS. They are slow as HELL. If I have to go to the bank to talk to someone before I go to work I have to actually set time aside as if I am going to a Dr appointment or something. The main problem I have with this branch though is that both ATMs NEVER work!!! If this branch were in a different neighborhood they wouldn't be able to get away with giving this low grade service because phone wouldn't just accept it and go about their day. Please don't think that this is a one off and I'm freaking out. I have belonged to this branch about 2 years and it's a normal thing that I have to drive to Baldwin for a working ATM. The only problem is that the neighborhood people for some reason are not putting their foot down and saying this is enough. Please get your "stuff" together and bring unpl bank up to par. Your presence here has brought our neighborhood down! 😡

  • P

    Plush POV

    Only been here a couple of times, but the staff is very accommodating and nice. The only reason I'm not rating 5 stars is because when it's packed, they never have a teller at every station as they should. The last time I was there, I went on my lunch break (bad idea) & the line was almost out of the door- all because they had ONE teller manning the desk.

  • S

    Shewanna Owens

    It is important to provide members with effecient privacy while conducting business. This branch needs to do better at this. Upon being assisted by a rep Luis another rep(Stephanie)walks over and proceeds to utilize the computer even after I mentioned my uncomfort with different reps veiwing my information. I was "told dont worry she works here too" but the issue is to always maintain a customer privacy and being understanding to the members request. The asst Manager handled the matter ver professional and I'm thankful she understood my concerns.

  • P


    Drive through window says 8:30. Call at window for service. Employee yells back 9:00 Then opens at 8:45 Lousy service!👎 Freeport branch. 👎 Had three months to put up plexiglass for tellers.Nope!

  • T

    Trevor Johnson

    Worst credit union ever don't go here they double charge

  • J

    Jack Lin

    This branch needed a trained teller at drive through. It’s always a 15 to 30 minutes waiting.

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