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Bethpage Federal Credit Union Montauk Hwy, West Babylon

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+1 800-628-7070
555 Montauk Hwy, West Babylon, NY 11704, United States
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3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • S

    Susan E Gittins

    I appreciate the collaboration between Bethpage & TFCU. Very kind customer service.

  • C

    Christopher DeNigris

    This is a credit union, not a bank and boy does it show. They offer better interest rates than your commercial banks and that's pretty much where the positives end. They are terrible to deal with. The employees are not educated on the industry. They do not know much I gotta be honest. I have had bad experience after bad experience. I have had them to setup ATM withdrawals while traveling internationally only to be out of luck when going to an ATM in Paris or London, having to go use my chase account. I have made withdrawals to other banks that continually get rejected and when I call to ask they have no idea why. I had opened some IRA Roth Money Market accounts only to find out later that I was never allowed to do that because my wife and I file taxes separately and make over 10k so that violated tax laws. Now we are in the market for a mortgage and we walked into the credit union and they will basically give us a mortgage for any number I throw at them. I am a teacher and so is my wife. They are completely reckless and ignorant in their craft. I am going to be pulling all my money out as soon as it is no longer rejected. Oh yeah and their ATM never ever works. Give me a break.

  • S

    Sean Crowe

    This bank is fine as long as things are going smoothly, but if anything goes wrong you'll wish you had used a different bank. Recently, I was disputing a charge on my card with them and their handling of the situation has been bad for the following reasons; a) There is no special number one can call for fraud cases. If I ever want to check on my case with them I have to go through the automated phone system and then talk to someone who will talk to their fraud department. b) Their fraud "department" is very disorganized. I've sent them them two copies of the fraud dispute form via fax machine (Their only option because email doesn't exist). They've lost both copies. Just sent a third. Furthermore, there isn't even any way for me to call and confirm they've received these forms. The customer service people can only contact the fraud department via email. c) Some of their customer service people are perfectly fine, but most really don't put in the effort. I've had one customer service person lie to me about details of my claim just to get me off the phone ("Don't worry sir the moneys back in your account...")

  • J

    Jason O

    Banking: 5 Stars Online and App features: 4 stars Phone Number: 0 effing stars It took over 3 minutes just to navigate the automated prompts to speak to a real person, and the menu isn't even clear on how to do it. They answered my question in under 15 seconds. Screw this system. Put a number online to talk to someone.

  • J


    Horrible service. Somehow they lost a check I was supposed to receive after closing my account. Then I am told to fill out a stop payment form, when I no longer have an account or check number... They sure were able to deliver every junk promotional piece of mail to me but my actual money? No. Go elsewhere. They have the tech and support of a 19th century bank.

  • A

    Ashley Perez

    TERRIBLE bank . short business hours. Outdated website for online banking. This location in specific is a MESS! no one knows whats going on or how to solve any issues and they always have to "ask someone else" how to solve it. Ive been with them for about 4 months and im transferring to another bank tomorrow. Their debit card has a limit per daily transaction. Haven't met a friendly or helpful manager here,they all seem to hate working there. Is like the DMV of banks

  • p

    peter burke

    Well run branch. Staff extremely friendly and professional.

  • D

    Debbie White

    I've been a member for over 15 years. I've had one problem in all that time. Generally, I encounter friendly, helpful personnel. When i got married, they were very helpful when we tried to deposit our gift checks that were made out to us in a combination of names and spellings. I thought it would be hard to work with. THey also have the best rates for mortgages & HELOCs. Last time I did a HELOC, there were no fees. Chase wanted thousands.

  • S

    Sabrina Spellman

    there's only one woman there that i've had a great experience with, thats the only thing driving me to give 2 stars and not 1. i definitely do not like this bethpage location and although i live in west babylon, i can definitely say i prefer massapequa park's loacation and the location in the east northport area.

  • R


    I’ve been using this bank for years and there is always one constant issue. The customer service. It’s a good bank to keep your money at and have a regular savings account at, but once you encounter an issue good luck resolving it. Since it’s a smaller bank the hours to get ahold of customer service are standard banking hours, no 24/7 service. So if you have an issue with your card and can’t use it and it happens to be the weekend you’ll be out of luck. The banking app is constantly down. CONSTANTLY. It seems every other day I’m getting a notice that the app will be shut down for maintenance so you won’t be able to check your balance or make any transfers of any kind via online. This is the reason I’m writing this review, the app. If I’m logging on to the app it’s because I either need to pay a bill, check my balance or make a transfer and the app is down realistically 65% of the time. I’ve also been to the bank to make a withdrawal so I could pay rent, another time sensitive matter and they would not give me my funds, claiming my account was on hold because of an issue on their end. I had to wait at the bank, hold up the line, speak to customer service on the phone while at the actual bank until I was finally able to get my money. If you’re looking for a bank to have a regular savings account at than this bank is fine. Standard free savings account. If you do a lot of transfers and deal with a lot of time sensitive issues where you need to pay things or make transfers often than this bank is simply a terrible choice. Their credit card department is a whole other issue with a ton of problems. Taking money out of my savings account without my knowledge or without my approval to pay the bill, when this happens and I ask why no one can give me an answer. Your bill could be due on the 14th and the amount could he $40.00 and all of a sudden on the 9th you will have $100.00 taken out of your savings (not checking) and applied toward your balance. This has happened a dozen times before resolving it, and even then I still have constant issues. Key points....the banking app is always down, the customer service is limited to regular banking hours, their communication with their customers is terrible. The employees at the actual bank branch are kind and helpful, but kind and helpful wont help me when I need to pay a bill due on the 9th and the bank won’t allow you to do so.

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