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Bel Air Check Cashing Corporation Hollis Ave, Queens

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+1 718-465-6556
20601 Hollis Ave, Queens, NY 11429, United States

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1.9 stars based on 8 reviews

  • R

    Rashane Tennant

    This Spanish fat lady made it personal once i schooled her on the policy then she wouldn’t let me talk to a manager kept ignoring me while taking other customers very rude very immature very unprofessional

  • A

    Angela Miskis

    Service was good. Staff is bilingual, they speak English and Spanish. Staff was friendly and answered all my questions. They had two attendees available when I was there on a Saturday afternoon. I was like 5th in line and waited for like 10 minutes. Not bad wait considering is one of the few places around the area that offer Western Union (WU) services. I will be trying the WU app to see if it helps to move things faster. I will be also coming back here to send money back home. Overall a good experience and good service.

  • K

    K. Moore

    Horrible customer service, rude, unprofessional I mean the list...How can these ppl keep their jobs is beyond me but I noticed most of the employees are spanish woman- dont know if that means anything but we should complain and get them out of here!

  • D

    Daca Cortez

    Says 24 hours, but every time I go in there to ask what time they close I get a different answer. And the systems to cash checks closes at 10. I get there 15 minutes before hand and get told all systems have been shut down already. Thanks for nothing. Please close this place down. Or just don’t go.

  • R

    Riley Tims

    Best customer service, alright people they get the job done .

  • D

    David Barnett

    Horrible customer service rude employees that do not know what they are doing and always have attitudes. Avoid at all costs!!!

  • S

    Simone Wiltshire

    This check cashing is horrible I been there 3 times in total and twice they say bill payment is down the employees look more concerned with closing the store at 5 after I went in4:45 to do my buisiness

  • D

    Davida Charles

    So unprofessional the lady took a picture of my check when I wasn’t looking and I asked her and she denied it. But I just saw you 🧐

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