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Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM) James St, Syracuse

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+1 315-438-8697
2334 James St, Syracuse, NY 13206, United States


  • Glass Barrier At Customer Service Desk
  • Accepts Appointments
  • Commercial Deposits Accepted
  • Night Deposit Accepted
  • Cash Non Customer Checks
  • ATM Services Available

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2.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • J

    James Shattell

    They are unwilling to pay for additional tellers even though they know when their busy times are. For example today Saturday November 4th, 2017, there's a line that is practically going out the door at few minutes of 12 p.m. though even on Google they mentioned that this is the extreme busy time. It's strictly greed that the Bank of America would not hire additional teller staff to service their customers. I normally avoid going into the bank to go a teller but instead use a ATM. But, occasionally I have to use a teller. I would not go to this bank branch if you need to use a teller. To top off this very unpleasant visit, they made me go out the back door even though they could have easily unlock the front door where my dog was tied up. Bank of America has certainly lowered their standard for customer service and appreciation and have chosen to concentrate totally on how much they could possibly get out of each of us at the cheapest possible cost to them.

    Response from the owner

    Hello James. We are sorry that we did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is very important to us and we would like the opportunity to speak with you. Please connect with our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at or Facebook ^nicole

  • R

    Robin OMara

    I have been emailing bofa about gaining access to my safe deposit box with no response. There is no reason, either than greed, for this location to be closed. It has NOTHING to do with covid. Customer service is a zero

    Response from the owner

    It's disappointing to hear that your experience wasn't at the level you expected. If you need further assistance, please reach out to a member of our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at or Facebook

  • L

    L H

    I walked into this the Eastwood Syracuse, NY Branch; just needed a form signed. There were two associates sitting in offices with no customers and no one waiting. The lady in her office looked up and and asked "do you have an appointment?" I said no and she said I had to have one even for just a signature! I can now understand the bad reviews for this location. I've gone to the Fayetteville office and they are very customer friendly and accommodating; I have never been refused service because I didn't have an appointment! I didn't realize that it was a requirement. If you are looking for good friendly welcoming service and want to walk out feeling good, I suggest you go to this Branch.

  • C

    Chris Silva

    It say temporary closed is not such a thing is temporary close for 2 years .

    Response from the owner

    Hi, Chris. We apologize for any inconvenience. Some locations may either be temporarily closed or operating at limited hours. Here is a link that can help you quickly find other locations and hours: . The information is updated regularly. ^izzy

  • M

    Military Misfits & Bodybuilding

    I went in to cash a Bank of America check (being that my bank is almost an hour away) and felt is though I was being profiled because of my race. Got asked a bunch of weird questions like”why don’t you take this check to your bank?” I left feeling really uncomfortable. I feel as though the associate knew she made me feel uncomfortable and kept saying “we’ve been dealing with a lot of fraud”

  • m

    marianne oliva

    no stars actually but this won't post without one...horrible customer service and never more than 1 teller on. waited in line about 20 minutes (only 2 people ahead of me), went to do my transaction and teller did not know how to do an out of state deposit...wasted trip-much training needed at this branch of BOA

  • E

    Earl Hall

    Can not reach a real person on phone Due to phone system designed to prevent incoming calls from bank customers. This is very poor customer Service and relation especially for people who travel or are at remote locations from a BOA and their home Beach office. It appears this phone problem has been deliberately designed which creates a deteriorating Image of BOA. I have several accounts And will consider closing all if this issue is not rectified.

  • H

    Hannah De Oliveira

    If I could give this bank a rating of 0 stars I would. Was in a jam and needed a notary, which takes approximately 7 minutes to do, yet an associate said it took 20-30 minutes. Bank of America doesn’t care about customer service, they care about appointments so that they can sell you stuff. This bank is like a cloudy night, NO STARS.

  • J

    Joshua Revette

    The managers here are horrible at allocating resources. Every visit the line is out of the door and only 1 teller. Reminds me of walmart, so many registers and they dont have people helping customers, just stand around and count or smile like they can't provide customers with service.

  • C

    Cesar Marcano

    I love this places. This branch my specialist manager Ashton Sergent is the best and all this people and co workers are really awsome. Thats is the reaseon im reopen my new account. And love travel 40 min to this branch. Lovee 😍😍😍😍

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